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Quick Hits: The Table or Booth Edition

Detroit Red Wings v Ottawa Senators Photo by Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photography/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Booth’s waiver clock since the last time he was waived wasn’t set to run out until later this week, but with the Wings heading to Ottawa and then Western Canada, it’s better to know whether he’ll be claimed before they hit the road than to waste a few extra days before they would have had to have waived him again to have the roster flexibility to send Booth down.

Around the League

31 Thoughts: Rangers roster decisions could have huge impact on NHL -
31 thoughts is always good, but I'm intrigued by the idea that the Rangers' awful start has clicked on with their front office in terms of their organizational direction. I'll let Friedman tell it:

The message was clear. The Rangers are ready to re-stock. Now comes the next question: How far will they go? My sense is they are honest about who they are. They’re not interested in the “dreaded middle.” In addition to Andersson and Chytil, they are excited about Russian goalie Igor Shesterkin, just named to that country’s Karjala Cup team. They want more. Picks and prospects, keep them coming.

Considering the Rangers have been buying for years trying to get over the hump and have found themselves in the "dreaded middle", but find their cupboards mostly bare and their window more-closed than it has been, it's interesting to see a team that appears to be going from making a conference final to restocking in such short time.