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Quick Hits: Dear Leader Edition

Detroit Red Wings v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings' Dylan Larkin flourishing as 'director of the line' |
Ansar talks about Larkin's move to center and 200-foot play making a difference for the Wings. Larkin talks about how it's not just about flying the zone and making sure he's using his speed more responsibly. While his goal total is down, not many are complaining about the production for the Wings' points leader right now. The adjustment he's made where he's not flying down the wing ahead of his linemates has been a big part of what's making space for his line in a good area of the ice and his backchecking has been much more controlled. He doesn't tend to over-chase coming back, which helps the Wings get on pucks earlier in the defensive zone cycle.

Around the League

An improbable, but not impossible Shea Weber trade - Article - TSN
Travis Yost speculates on the possibilities that the Habs might move on from Shea Weber based on being able to get good value for him now. Honestly, I don't want Weber on the Leafs, but the idea of Shea Weber being an also-ran Norris guy who suddenly has become a super-contract journeyman cracks me up.