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Quick Hits: The Thanks Are Given Edition

Turkeys Raised On California Farm Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings used to Thanksgiving travel, but many appreciate holiday -
Helene provides some great Thanksgiving content by asking around the locker room about Thanksgiving among various Americans, Canadians, and a Swede about what they do. I like that Mike Green celebrates American Thanksgiving because he's been here so long and it really seems like he's liked. My favorite part is Jonathan Ericsson acting like Mork from Ork when asked about our Traditions, saying "We are not familiar with baking whole turkeys in the oven."

I guess I just love that Helene wrote out the quote exactly like that instead of contracting it to we're.

Around the League

NHL Power Rankings: The Team Apology Edition -
From Sportsnet:

At the risk of exposing every hockey club's deepest regret, we find 31 ways to say "I'm sorry" in our very first NHL Power Rankings: Team Apology Edition.

Detroit comes off surprisingly well here, but I'm sorry to say it's all in a very short timespan.

Bonus Link

Wings’ Nyquist aims to cash in on created chances - The Detroit News
Krupa focuses on Nyquist, mentioning that he's playing well, but the numbers don't necessarily show how well so far. I think it's a real good point and that Nyquist has been one of the best forechecking AND backchecking forwards on the team so far this season. He's probably not going to get back to shooting 18% like when he first came up, but I'd be real thrilled if he keeps playing like he has so far.

Bonus Link 2

Mask Artist Reveals Mrazek's Mask A Tribute To Both Ilitch And New Arena - In Goal Magazine
A look at how Petr Mrazek's new mask it both a tribute to Mr. I and to the design elements of the LCA. Pretty cool stuff.