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V for Victory: Red Wings 4, Oilers 0

Remember, remember, the 5th of November. The day when Detroit thoroughly outplayed Edmonton.

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Remember, remember the fifth of November...

Detroit is playing Edmonton today, and it’s an early start. The hardest part about watching the Western Canadian games for many Detroit fans is that the games typically start at 10ET.

Let’s hope that this November 5th will be one to remember, and not one that Detroit fans feel “should be forgot.”

So, let’s grab some food and drinks and hope that this will be a fun game.

First Period

Petr Mrazek vs Cam Talbot is your goaltending matchup. I’m interested to see how well Mrazek does against Edmonton.

Trevor Daley stays with McDavid on what had the potential to be a dangerous rush, but the Detroit defenseman breaks it up.


Nick Jensen shoots from the point. Wow oh wow. Nielsen deflected it from out wide, with a defender on him and falling down. I’m really hoping there is a gif of that because that’s one of the best tips I’ve ever seen.

Not too much later, Jensen shoots it over the glass and goes to the box for delay of game.

Something to keep an eye on.

Edmonton gets one good chance before Maroon took down Nielsen, and we go to 4 on 4. With the top notch speed both teams possess, this could be fun.

Mantha steals the puck and springs Ouellet for a 2 on 1 chance, but the defenseman was gassed.


Nyquist sets up Zetterberg, who shoots just wide. Really good hustle by Z to stay on the puck and get the puck in front. Nyquist and Abdelkader both got to the puck at the same time, but it looks like Nyquist shot it in. Detroit has 2 goals on 4 shots, 10 minutes in.

Detroit is winning most of the puck battles. Edmonton looks much worse than I expected them to so far.

Mike Green made a really nice defensive play to keep Kailer Yamamoto from cutting inside. Detroit’s defenders are doing a good job of getting back and not biting on the dekes of Edmonton’s fast, shifty forwards.

We now have Wilson - Athanasiou - Tatar. Lines basically aren’t a thing today.

Nyquist appears to have a lower body injury as Gryba followed up on his crosscheck to the back of Helm by going knee on knee with Nyquist. Let’s hope Goose is ok.

Mike Green nearly sets up goal number three with a beautiful pass to Athanasiou who is able to get by the last defender, but wasn’t able to corral the puck for a good chance.

Petr Mrazek hasn’t had too much to do, but he closes out the first period with a tough save with under a minute to play. At the end of the first, it’s 2-0 Detroit, and the Red Wings were clearly the best team on the ice. Strange, but true. If you had told me that heading into the game, this would have been my reaction

Second Period

Nyquist is not back to start the second period.

Scott Wilson finds himself all alone in front of Talbot, but can’t really do anything with it. Shortly after that, Zetterberg and Athanasiou nearly connect for a goal, but AA’s return pass can’t be handled by Zetterberg.

Mrazek then comes up big stopping a shot by Yamamoto on a give and go with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Mrazek has had a pretty light game so far, but that was a good chance. The best part about it is that he didn’t overcommit like he has in the past.

Kassian takes down Jensen and takes the puck, setting up a chance in front that turns into Edmonton trying to push the entire Detroit team into the net with the puck. It stays out, and we are still at 2-0.

Nearly halfway through the game, and Detroit is still the better team. This the most jump I can remember seeing Detroit play with in quite some time. Also, they have done quite well keeping McDavid and Draisaitl quiet. I’ve barely noticed either player.


Athanasiou puts pressure on Nurse after a good chance for Edmonton. Mantha picks up the puck and gets it to Martin Frk, who rifles a shot past Talbot. It was a beautiful setup from Mantha, and even though Athanasiou isn’t credited with the assist, he played a major role in that goal.

The team announces that Nyquist will not return with a lower body injury. I’m really hoping it wasn’t knee-on-knee like it looked it could be.

Mrazek continues his strong performance on a sequence of good Edmonton chances.

As the second period draws to a close, it’s still the same story as before. Edmonton is a step behind Detroit all over the ice. We’ve seen it go the other way this season, so it’s nice to see Detroit be the team that is winning puck battles.

Third Period

A minute and a half in, Edmonton tries to step up the physical play, with a scrum after a chance by Dylan Larkin.

Petr Mrazek stopped McDavid off a nice setup by Edmonton. Mrazek has shown a good economy of motion tonight. It’s scary how quickly McDavid can make something happen. Detroit needs to keep its foot on the gas. If they let up at all, Edmonton could easily make this a game again.

Zach Kassian gets called for playing with a broken stick. Haven’t seen that in.... I can’t remember the last time I saw that penalty. Detroit goes to the power play, looking to pad its lead.


Detroit does just that. Green to Frk for the one-timer. Mantha gets the rebound in the crease and bangs it home. That’s his third goal in the last 4 games, according to Ken Daniels.

Dylan Larkin nearly makes it 5-0 a couple shifts later. He breaks in on a 2 on 1 with Wilson. he keeps the puck and tries to beat Talbot near post, but no dice.

With ten minutes left, Edmonton will go to the power play. Abdelkader gets a penalty for roughing. It could have been high sticking too, and Abdelkader doesn’t complain.

Nugent-Hopkins hits the post, but the puck stays out. Mrazek recovers for the rebound and it’s still 4-0. I remember watching Edmonton’s power play last year, and it’s astonishing that this is the same team. For them to not get anything going with the talent they have on the ice is absurd.

At this point, the only question remaining is if Mrazek is going to get know....the thing where the other team doesn’t score.

Yep. Yes he did. A great team effort, but Mrazek made the tough saves when he needed to.

So, at the end of the day, the V ended up being for....VICTORY!