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WIIM Radio Mailbag: The Line-Blander Edition [UPDATE - POSTPONED]

Guernsey's Auction House Preview Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

[Editor’s Note: We tried recording on Wednesday night, but ran into insurmountable technical issues that simply ate up too much of our allotted time and had to make the decision to postpone. We will be recording on Saturday night after the Columbus game via either a recorded/edited episode to go up on Sunday morning or by doing a live episode via our Blogtalk Radio page. One way or another, this mailbag will be used though. Please accept our apologies for the delay]

Welcome to another WIIM Radio mailbag! We’ll be recording a new episode tonight with the plan of having it out tomorrow morning for your listening pleasure just prior to the Calgary game as the Wings continue their Western Canada road trip. Here’s a list of topics we’ll get into:

The Wings’ Play of Late - We kinda missed the bulk of the big losing streak and the Wings have looked pretty decent coming out of that. We’ll go over the reasons and thoughts behind it.

The Return of AA - Yay! We don’t have to guess anymore about when the guy’s going to re-sign and how the team will make room. Instead we’ll talk about how he’s fitting into the lineup.

Blashill’s Blender - The Wings’ coach has made waves lately talking about retiring the line blender only to have that last less than a game and now not even living up to his promise of starting games with consistent lines. Is it really all bad though?

Around the League - A three-team blockbuster just went down and it impacts our division. Who won the Duchene deal? Elsewhere, what are the surprise teams a month into the NHL season?

Positivity Corner - We’ll take a break to be nice about stuff.

Reader Questions - Your favorite section and mine.. you ask us the great questions we’re used to and we’ll give you the stellar answers you’ve come to expect. The burrito questions last time were good. I expect similar quality.

Looking ahead - The Wings will be finishing up in Calgary and then finish the month with 8 of 9 games at home. We’ll gaze into our crystal ball and let you know how things will play out.

Recording will be late tonight, so get your questions in before bedtime and we’ll get those answered. Then look for the new episode to drop tomorrow!