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Quick Hits: Holland Pleads the Fifth Edition

NHL Centennial 100 Celebration Photo by Francois Laplante/FreestylePhoto/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

GM Ken Holland: Red Wings still need to ‘play better’

During a recent interview with The Detroit News, Red Wings’ general manager Ken Holland says a lot of obvious things about the current state of his team but very little about his future with the club. When asked about working on a contract for him to stay on as GM next season, he became a man of few words:

“I have nothing to say about it, at all,” he said, with a facial expression that reinforced his firm intent.

Personally, I wouldn’t expect him to say anything other than this at this point in the season. Ultimately, as the Wings go, so will Holland. Or maybe I’m wrong. Either way, it wont be long before the powers that be in Hockeytown will have to address the issue.

Around The League

These NHL coaches and GMs are at risk of being fired | Toronto Star

Speaking of GM’s who may soon be on the hot seat, the Toronto Star published their list of names who could soon be seeking employment elsewhere. Oddly enough, Holland doesn’t make the cut this time.