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Quick Hits: The “Blame Thyself” Edition

St Louis Blues v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Howard pins blame on himself for lopsided Wings loss | Ted Kulfan

Howie put yesterday’s loss to the Blues on himself. He did let in some softies, but there were also some situations that he shouldn’t have been in to start.

Struggling Griffins look for positives as coach reiterates system play | Peter J. Wallner

The Wings haven’t been the only Michigan-based pro hockey team struggling to garner wins lately.

Around the League

NHL pursuing new optical player tracking technology | Frank Seravalli

This technology could eliminate inconclusive goal reviews. It could also cause the puck to break in half. By Seravalli’s own admission, can you imagine what would happen if one half of a puck went into a net and the other half didn’t? It’d probably cost the Flames a cup or something.

Where does potential Seattle expansion leave other NHL hopefuls? | Jared Clinton

Quebec City, Kansas City, Hamilton, and Houston are all reviewed in this article. Where do they go now? And the question I’m always wondering, is what about Milwaukee? Could they support a team? The Bucks would likely need to transfer ownership for this to be a possibility.