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Quick Hits: The Unclear Intentions Edition

Trendy Toilets Flush in Miami Beach

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings' power play in the midst of a power outage - The Detroit News
Kulfan goes over a few topics, including the need for the power play to get better results, even if Blashill is pretty ok with the process. The St. Louis game was one where you look at pretty decent play that didn't turn out in their favor, but there are things they should be improving on. The shots weren't getting there because the passing wasn't crisp enough and the units weren't fluid enough. It's one of those "need to be 2% better" kind of things. Other topics include Jimmy Howard and the coach talking about how tough it is for Tyler Bertuzzi to get more ice time as though he's not in control of that decision.

Around the League

Erik Karlsson rumors: Senators reportedly asked for all no-trade lists -
It's never too early to start the Stamk....errr...Tavare...errr...Karlsson-to-Toronto talk and with a year and a half left to what's looking like a real chance at a star going to UFA, it's sure looking more likely than usual that Karlsson will eventually have to be dealt. I don't think it happens this year because the Sens have time to wait and ALSO because they have to know the financial value that Karlsson represents as a draw even on an expiring contract vastly outweighs the financial value of any possible return you're going to get for him right now. Even if the hockey value of such a trade is higher, we've been seeing a Senators team for years make moves based more on the dollars moving than the hockey sense behind such moves.

I do like how they're asking for every single player's list so as to better-camouflage their intentions in regards to who they are and aren't going to move.