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Quick Hits: The Befuddled Edition

NHL: Boston Bruins at Detroit Red Wings Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Overtime struggles leave Red Wings befuddled - The Detroit News
The Red Wings have lost six consecutive overtime games, including Wednesday night’s game to the Bruins. There's not really a bunch to be said about it because it's six games lost in a number of different ways. I just wanted to share this because I like that they used the word befuddled in the title. That's a good word and deserves more play.

Around the League

Matt Beleskey placed on waivers - Stanley Cup of Chowder
He's not going to get claimed, but it's interesting seeing more NHL GMs willing to waive players on mistake contracts. Beleseky got his deal shooting unreasonably high and could never live up to it. They'll still have cap hit to swallow when he goes to Providence, but at least he won't be taking up a roster spot.

Bonus Link

Chris Neil retires with a unique place in NHL’s record books -
Good riddance, shitbag.