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Justin Abdelkader Fined for Spear on Scott Mayfield

Detroit Red Wings v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Apparently aiming for efficiency in the days leading up to the Christmas break, the Department of Player Safety released this update just hours after the infraction occurred:

The spear happened at 19:17 in the first period, as Justin Abdelkader and Scott Mayfield were battling at the side of the Islanders’ net. There was pushing and shoving that probably could have gotten each player sent off for roughing, as Abdelkader was knocked down at least once and there was some questionable stickwork between the two players.

Abdelkader took it to the next level when he pulled a Milan Lucic and got Mayfield in the groin. The initial view showed Mayfield going down hunched over, and the overhead view left no doubt about where that stick went. It was called a slash at the time and Abdelkader only served a two-minute minor, but the league obviously took a closer look and thought it warranted a harsher penalty.

That’s the dumb garbage that I don’t understand players doing to each other and absolutely needs to be out of the game. Abdelkader deserves every penny of that fine and hopefully he cuts that shit out before the DoPS stops sucking at their job and decides to finally make an example out of someone (lol like that’ll ever happen).