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Quick Hits: The Glen-Owie Glen-Loss Edition

Detroit Red Wings v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings' Luke Glendening out minimum four weeks |
Red Wings goalscorer Luke Glendening to miss some time. Not the guy I'd have eliminated from the lineup to get Bertuzzi in, but it is what it is. He hurt his excellent backhand :(

Around the League

NHL - Should the league play games on holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving? - ESPN
A lot of people are discussing whether the NHL should play games on Christmas and I see the monetary arguments both ways, but I'm not convinced as a fan or as a blogger. I rather enjoy not having to worry about the Red Wings playing on Christmas day. It might be a little selfishness on my part because I wouldn't want to worry about having to post gameday stuff on Christmas, but all of my traditions are built around being able to take a break from hockey and enjoy time with my family so I'm a no on this argument.