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Quick Hits: Merry Christmas

Detroit Red Wings v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings dietitian keeps players humming like Ferrari during holidays - Freep
A couple days ago, Helene ran a pretty in-depth story about the Wings' dietitian, why they have one, what her outlook is, and even a few looks into the individual players' needs (like DeKeyser and a 10,000-calorie diet or Athanasiou being vegan). Good read here.

Around the League

Zac Rinaldo earns match penalty after sucker punching Avalanche player -
Rinaldo is basically a Raffi Torres player except he's not even as good at hockey as Torres. His suspension should be extremely long.

And Also

Merry Christmas to all of you great WIIMers who keep our community going and keep it fun. Thank you all so much!