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Listen to WIIM Radio: The Year End Edition

The Numerals For New York City's Annual New Year's Eve Celebration Arrive In Times Square Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Welcome to the newest WIIM Radio! To finish out 2017, we’ve got me, Kyle and Peter here to discuss the goings-on in Red Wings land for you fine folks. Here’s what we got up to (This time certified fork-and-plate-free!):

The Red Wings of Late and the Drain on Zetterberg - It’s painful to see the captain have to bear the brunt of the realization of how far gone the organization is, but we spoke to where we’re at in terms of fandom. We talk about what the course should be from this point going forward.

Around the League/World - We’re struggling to care more about the WJC going on due in part to the lack of high-end Red Wings prospects. Also, the Zac Rinaldo suspension was really stupid too.

Positivity Corner - A very much-needed corner of our broadcast.

Reader Questions - Not as many questions for this one, but the quality was super-high. It’s like shots on net from the game the Blues toasted us 6-1.

Looking Ahead - What do we think Detroit will do in their next batch of games? We’ve got six points on the table over the next seven days. Let’s see what we can gather.

You can listen via the embedded player above or download directly from our Blogtalk Radio page. You can also find us on iTunes or Google Podcasts. For a fee, I’ll carve it into stone tablets and have it delivered to you via complicated international art dealings (it’s a very large fee).

As always, WIIM Radio is rated R for language and stealing hotel towels.