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Quick Hits: The “A-Bert Time” Edition

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Detroit Red Wings Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Wings trade Wilson; Bertuzzi could be coming up | Ted Kulfan

Ted Kulfan talks about the trade here, and also talks about who could come up to replace him, chief among them Tyler Beruzzi.

Around The League

Flyers snap 10-game winless streak with win over Flames | The Canadian Press

I didn’t realize the Flyers had racked up such a high score. But this is Detroit, and we’re all about streaks, so stand back Philadelphia. We don’t quit on streaks at 10. No, we take them to 25. The Red Wings are going to take what’s yours. (Oh, and here’s the view of the game from our frenemies over at Broad Street Hockey, just to give you a teaser of what it will feel like when the Wings win a game again.)