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WIIM Radio Mailbag: The Tune In/Tune Out Edition

US Postal Service Ramps Up Mail Processing For Holiday Rush Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Welcome to our newest WIIM Radio Mailbag. We’ll be recording a new episode late tonight with the plans of having it out for you in the morning. Here’s a rundown of the topics we’ll cover during our time together:

Is the elephant in the room even listening? - The Win against Winnipeg was much-needed for our sanity, but it doesn’t erase what happened in the seven games prior... especially the two Montreal games. Has the team tuned out Blashill? Is “tuned out” the right word to use? How safe is the man’s job?

Fine. We’ll talk about the GM, so don’t ask - It’s going to come up. We’re sick to death of talking about it, but if you’re going to start out talking about whether the coach should be axed, you have to reiterate the discussion about the rest of the organizational structure while you’re at it.

Grading the Players - How is everybody stacking up to preseason expectations so far? It seems there’s a decent number of guys who are impressing, but the team isn’t doing any better. Let’s assign some blame!

Around the League/World - Russia isn’t allowed at the Olympics and I’ve kind of forgotten the Western Conference even exists nowadays. Let’s talk about it.

Positivity Corner - Oh man are we going to need this.

Reader Questions - Put your best questions in the comments and we’ll go through this in my favorite part of every episode. Make them really good this time.

Looking Ahead - Aside from this Saturday’s WIIM Meetup, we’ve got more games on the slate to talk about. We’ll get out our crystal balls (heh) and gaze into them for longer than is comfortable then tell you what we see.

Recording starts late on Thursday night, so get your questions in before then and be on the lookout for the new episode Friday morning. Thanks, and LGRW!