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Quick Hits: The Peak Edition

Detroit Red Wings v Carolina Hurricanes Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings mailbag: Team can’t afford errors in order to win | Helene St. James

The first question brings up a really interesting thought concerning sports psychology. St. James suggests, by inferring a Frans Nielsen statement, that the Wings must perform at peak levels every night to be competitive. But the thing is, the human brain can’t perform in “do-or-die” mode 82 times over the course of 6 months. In my experience, athletes can really get into that 110% mode about once a month. But hey, what do I know. The real question is, what does this peaking say about the current shape of the Wings?

Around the League

Why on Earth would anyone ever want to buy the Carolina Hurricanes? Here’s why. | Ken Campbell

The NHL board of governors approved the sale of 52% of the Carolina Hurricanes by Peter Karmanos to Thomas Dundon yesterday, under the criteria that the Canes stay in Raleigh. They’re a struggling franchise who has been linked to relocation rumors. But I’ve also lived in the Raleigh metro area and played hockey with die hard Canes fans. To have their team taken from them would be heartbreaking, and it would kill the hockey community in North Carolina. I, for one, am glad they’re staying put.