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Quick Hits: Bandwagon Backtrack Edition

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Detroit Red Wings Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Season Slipping, It’s Time For Detroit Red Wings To Eye Future | Helene St. James, Detroit Free Press

Hey, look who finally jumped on the bandwagon! After schlepping buckets and buckets of propaganda for the Wings, it seems that the last bastion of “BUT REALLY, THEY’RE A PLAYOFF TEAM THAT’S JUST REALLY UNLUCKY! PUCK LUCK! INJURIES! BAD CALLS!” has finally given in to the reason and logic the rest of us had committed to long ago. Now, I don't want to suggest that we here at WIIM were the first to hop on that train and call for a true rebuild - but at least we aren’t running on the platform hoping to catch the train before it leaves the station.

I mean, not everybody can be first on the scene. Being the trend-setters that we are, JJ was entertaining the idea of an aggressive rebuild as far back as 2013. Four long years later, and we still haven't convinced the entirety of Red Wings Nation that we are farther away from contention than just one blockbuster fleecing of a trade. C’est la vie.

Pushing the idea of playoffs last on February 8th, St. James was one of the last holdouts for advocating selling. Could this finally signal a change in the way Wings management deals with their main stream media contacts? Or are these defections fully sanctioned by an organization that recognized the need to sell, or at least avoid buying, for at least a month? Only time will tell...

Report: Seattle Area Investor Says NHL Team Likely To Come Before NBA | Sportsnet Staff,

Seems like the NHL can't even get thru one expansion before looking for the next market to move into. While no dates are mentioned, and the lack of a facility remains an issue, an investment group is continuing their push for the NHL to make a permanent home in the state of Washington. Hey Peter, ready to repeat all our Vegas stuff in a year or two?!?!?!?!