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Quick Hits: The Ovi is OK edition

NHL: Washington Capitals at New York Rangers Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Capitals 'most complete team' of Alex Ovechkin era | by Katie Brown,

We talked about this on the podcast the other night, and out of the potential Cup winners this year, Washington came out as one of the ones that most of us would be OK with.

Speaking for myself, I would like to see Ovi win a cup. He’s been a top player for so long, and it would seem incomplete for him to not win at least one Cup during his time in the league.

It’s hard to argue against Crosby being the best in the league for a while. He is one of the fastest ever to 1000 points, even though he had a three year period where he played sporadically due to injuries. But Crosby vs. Ovechkin brought a lot of excitement to the league, and I want him to taste victory before he inevitably goes to the KHL.

Blackhawks Acquire Tomas Jurco in Deal With Detroit Red Wings | By James Neveau

This makes me feel a little dirty, but I’m linking to a Chicago perspective on yesterday’s Jurco trade.

The reason I did this is by now, we’ve all read the Detroit pieces on this trade.

I have a feeling most people will still be commenting about the trade on our article anyway.

Trades are happening!