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Quick Hits: The Hockey Oscars Edition

89th Annual Academy Awards - Preparations Continue Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Hockey Oscars: Best actor, actress and picture in puck movies | by Greg Wyshynski

With the Oscars last night, I thought this would bring up some fun discussion, since I’m guessing the vast majority of us like hockey movies.

I won’t spoil the surprise by excerpting anything here, but Wysh puts together his list of “Hockey Oscar” categories and their winners.

I know it’s not fully a “hockey movie,” but if there were a Hockey Razzies, The Love Guru would sweep every category. Man, that movie was a mess.

Chris Ilitch took low-key road to top leadership | by John Gallagher, Detroit Free Press

After the passing of Mike Ilitch, his son Chris will step in the spotlight as the next generation of the family to run the Tigers and Red Wings.

Here is an in-depth profile of Ilitch from Free Press writer John Gallagher.

As always, if there are any good Red Wings links, post them in the comments below.