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Quick Hits: With Trade Deadline Looming, Vanek Wants to Stay a Red Wing

NHL: Centennial Classic-Detroit Red Wings at Toronto Maple Leafs Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Why Vegas should cash in on Julien | TSN

Rumours are already swirling about where recently-fired Bruins head coach Claude Julien could end up. It seems that Julien will have plenty to chose from as Montreal, Tampa and Dallas are among the teams allegedly interested.

Perhaps being part of a new build from the ground up would invigorate Julien. Or maybe he’s only interested in his next job being with a contender. He has the rest of this year at $2.5 million and all of next at $3 million to take his time and make a decision.

Las Vegas is also being mentioned as a possible landing spot for Julien. It all depends on what type of situation he’d like to go to next, a start-up or a contender. Or he may want to take a well earned break for a while.

Detroit Red Wings' Thomas Vanek wants to make it hard to trade him | Detroit Free Press

Thomas Vanek has had a decently productive year for the Red Wings and leads the team with a 0.80 points per game average. If the Red Wings are on a path to miss the playoffs this season, Vanek could be a great target for a trade to a contender. Vanek however, hopes it doesn’t come to that.

“I signed a one-year deal, so it can happen,” Vanek said of a trade. “But I am focused on putting a couple more wins together and get ourselves in the picture and make it hard for Kenny to do something and hopefully stay here and make a run with this team.

After a few disappointing seasons, Vanek has fit in really well with the Wings and likely enjoys the stability. Him and his family have settled in well into the Detroit area. He’s still hoping for the Wings to get hot and have a good run rather than face the possibility of a mid-season trade.