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WIIM Radio Mailbag: The trade deadline looms

Montreal Canadiens v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Well hey there, everyone! It’s time for a brand-spanking-new episode of Winging it in Motown Radio. There’s plenty to talk about with the trade deadline on the horizon, the performance (or lack thereof) of the team, injuries, and other topics from around the league. Here’s the rundown:

The Wings as of late - Well, not very good. They have yet to “go on a run” like everyone has been saying they need to do. Is it going to happen? What needs to change to make it possible?

The trade deadline approaches - The trade deadline is March 1st. The Wings are fighting in the basement with the Tampa Bay Lightning and it appears that they are set to be in a position to sell. Trade trackers at TSN have Thomas Vanek listed as a commodity, but the team and Vanek himself have expressed interest in keeping him in Detroit. Plus, we’ll talk about other trade bait the Wings have available. This will be a hefty topic, so keep that mindful when submitting a reader question!

Around the league - Another coach bites the dust; Claude Julien has been relieved of his duties in Boston and the Bruins management shows to be completely incompetent. Who are the contenders and pretenders going into the deadline?

Positivity corner - Sunshine, rainbows, unicorn farts. What makes you happy? You’re not allowed to say Brendan Smith.

Reader questions - As always, we’ll hand the wheel over to you and answer your questions. Let us have it!

We’ll be recording this evening after the Red Wings’ tilt with the Washington Capitals. So, you know, expect that to affect the mood of the episode. The episode will be available for you listening pleasure tomorrow!