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Red Wings trade Thomas Vanek to Panthers for Dylan McIlrath and 2017 3rd round pick

Elliotte Friedman reports the Red Wings have traded Thomas Vanek to the Panthers for draft pick

Detroit Red Wings v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

DETROIT, Mich — Elliotte Friedman reports that the Florida Panthers have acquired Red Wings forward Thomas Vanek:

Friedman scooped the info early this morning that the Panthers had interest in the veteran rental.

This would mark the first trade of the day. We’re awaiting the official announcement, but Friedman says a 3rd round pick is coming to Detroit in exchange for Vanek.

Bob McKenzie confirmed the trade on TSN — Wings officially get Dylan McIlrath and a 2017 3rd round selection from Florida:

Craig Custance reports that the 3rd round pick goes from the Panthers pick to the Coyotes pick if the Panthers make the playoffs — which is a positive considering the pick from ARI will be considerably higher. Multiple sources are reporting that the Wings are done dealing for the day.

It sounds as if there was not nearly as much interest in Vanek as the Red Wings, and fans, had hoped. Even a veteran player like Jarome Iginla, while his production has certainly bottomed-out, went to the LA Kings for a conditional 4th round pick in 2018. If Iginla retires, or does not re-sign with the team, the pick disappears.

It took almost two hours, but the trade is now official, per Bob McKenzie. Trade call done.