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WIIM Radio Mailbag: Uncharted Territory Edition

Open up your ear-holes so that our words may massage your brain.

News: Winter Weather Kelly Jordan-USA TODAY Sports

Time to prep for another podcast! There's been a lot of action since the last time everyone got together to have polite, rage-filled discussion over tea and biscuits... so let's see how opinions have changed with all the latest happenings! Tonight’s starring roles are still partially TBD, but we are expecting JJ and Graham at least (so ask lots of avocado-related questions).

Game Time

After the break, our boys in red had a match-up against the Canucks where they looked pretty good. It's not quite like dissecting a week’s worth of game action, but there's still plenty to gossip about from that performance.

Trade Deadline

We are all in some weird territory, as the Wings were finally sellers instead of buyers or spectators on this season’s last day for trades. There's plenty of talking ammunition here, both breaking down the deals that happened and how we feel about being on this side of the fence for the first time in a quarter century.

Around The League

The Red Wings weren't the only team wheeling and dealing as the deadline came and went. We’ll talk trade winners and losers here, how other teams look moving forward, and how Steve Yzerman is a brilliant and ruthless GM that needs to come home.

Positivity Corner

Let your inner demons go, this is a place for good vibes only!

Reader Questions

You have questions, we have strings of words resembling responses. For the answers to life, the Universe, and everything else, ask away below and JJ will get all your queries addressed.

Remember, we start recording later in the evening. So, if you have a question burning in your mind, you should submit it to us as soon as possible. If you're still up at 2am because you never asked us about what's on your mind, it'll have to wait for the next Mailbag. But what if your topic isn't relevant by then? What if someone else asks your question? WHAT IF AN ASTEROID HITS AND WE ALL DIE NEVER KNOWING THE ANSWER TO WHAT YOU WANTED TO ASK?!?!?! Avoid all this anxiety and just get that question in to us... preferably before about 11:00pm EST.