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Quick Hits: The Ridiculous Controversy Edition

New York Islanders v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Seven other numbers the NHL could consider retiring | Sportsnet staff

In case you missed it, Islanders prospect Josh Ho-Sang made his debut the other night.

He wore #66 and the city of Pittsburgh lost its collective shit.

It was one of the more ridiculous controversies in recent memory. Anyway, Sportsnet looks at numbers that could be retired league-wide.

Yes, 9 is on the list. So is another one that will likely be discussed heavily in the comments. Just please remember site comment rules ;)

Thanks To One Player, Jeff Blashill Believes Red Wings Will Make Playoffs | by Will Burchfield, CBS Detroit

You can question his line combinations, his distribution of playing time and his development of young talent. Heck, you can question his qualifications as an NHL coach.

With you so far.

But you certainly can’t question his faith in the Red Wings captain. Despite Detroit’s bleak outlook – ten points out of a playoff spot with 21 games to go – Blashill is confident Henrik Zetterberg will lead the team back to the promised land.

Um, ok.

Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that as long as the team is not mathematically eliminated, Blashill is going to say they can still make the playoffs. That’s obvious.

But, and I say this as someone who has been pleasantly surprised at how effective Zetterberg has been this year, the captain is not going to will this team into the playoffs, try as he will. And we all know he will try his hardest.

One problem is this can be read as “if we don’t make the playoffs, it’s on #40.” I certainly don’t think Blashill meant that, but words have meaning, and if he says the Wings will make the playoffs because of Zetterberg, and they don’t make the playoffs, what’s the implication?

The second issue with this is that it’s such a good opportunity wasted.

“We have an uphill battle, but our young players have been playing really well, and if they keep progressing, we have a real shot at making the playoffs.”

Was that so hard? It’s clear the Wings have to rebuild, and they were sellers at the trade deadline, so why not talk up the kids?