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Quick Hits: The College Free Agents Edition

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Around the NHL

Top college free agents who could sign with NHL teams - By: Adam Kimelman:

The NCAA season is wrapping up shortly, which means that eligible college players will start to look for jobs with NHL teams. Since the NCAA doesn’t have the same coverage as the CHL, a lot of these names might not be familiar for even fans that follow the game more than just casually. has a good primer on who some of the best prospects are in this pool and I highly recommend you take a look to familiarize yourself with some of these names.

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings' Helm, Abdelkader, Larkin enjoying chemistry, productivity - By: Helene St. James: Detroit Free Press

If there’s one player who’s performance and point totals has been hurt the most by the Wings’ overall play so far this year, I’d say it’s Dylan Larkin. His 2 point night against the Oilers snapped a 9 game pointless streak for Larkin that stretched back to February 9th, almost a month. But, thankfully, the past few games coming out of the bye week haven’t been nearly as bad. Larkin’s been skating with Abdelkader and Helm, and while they haven’t lit up the scoresheet, they seem to be playing some solid hockey.

From the article:

“We’re working hard and we're hunting pucks in the offensive zone,” Larkin said after scoring in the last minute of Saturday's 4-3 loss at Edmonton. “You play with a guy like Helmer, he is really fast, really quick, and he is going to be there first on the forecheck, and same with Justin.

“All three of us like to be in there on the forecheck. We are all reading off each other now and going to the spots where we are anticipating the pucks are going. You play with two guys that are strong on pucks, it makes it fun, you can keep pucks alive in the offensive zone.”

Hopefully they can keep it up and Larkin can build some confidence as the Wings close out the season. And while Helm and Abdelkader don’t strike me as ideal linemates for a guy like Larkin, I can’t argue with results.