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Quick Hits: The Mad On-Line Edition

New York Islanders v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Around the NHL

NHL Mad On-Line: Josh Ho-Sang deserves respect for wearing Mario Lemieux’s number - By: Pat Iversen: SBNation

A look inside one of the biggest non-stories of the NHL season: Joshua Ho-Sang wearing #66 for the Islanders. I don’t quite get all the fuss that’s being kicked up about this. Reading through Twitter and seeing arguments that wearing a number over 40 or 50 makes you conceited, selfish, etc. is pretty puzzling. I’m not sure why this is a thing with the NHL, that celebrations or other expressions of personality detract from the team.

If we’re going to start harping on all the kids who decide to wear historic numbers in honor of their favorite players, it’s not going to help us grow the profile of the game. We should be embracing these young, exciting talents, not shaming them for ridiculous things like number choice.

In Red Wings Land

Has Frans Nielsen panned out for the Detroit Red Wings? - By: Franklin Steele: FanRag Sports

This is an interesting look into Frans Nielsen’s experience with the Red Wings this year. Through 61 games, he’s only scored 30 points despite having signed a sizable 6 year contract this summer. But after considering the context of the situation, it seems like Nielsen’s down year is more a product of how bad the Wings are.

From the article:

If anything, the Red Wings have let Nielsen down.

He left the New Islanders and signed with Detroit because he wanted to make the playoffs consistently as his career came to a close. At the age of 32, he only has so many more kicks at the can, and he believed skating in Michigan would give him the best chance to win.

It probably seemed like that 25-year playoff streak would last forever from the outside, but that hasn’t been the case this season.

It hasn’t been until recently that Nielsen’s fit into the lineup like we hoped, the early part of the season it seemed like he didn’t have a lot of chemistry with his linemates. But I’d chalk that more up to the team’s shortcomings than his too. The Wings knew this contract was going to be a big one going into this year and I don’t think a slightly disappointing season should change their outlook on it altogether.

Bonus Story

Arena crews pour concrete for Red Wings ice rink - By: Perry A. Farrel: Detroit Free Press

Some exciting stuff out of the city today as the concrete for the Little Caesars Arena rink was poured today! The article includes a gallery of 10 pictures and a video to view, which seems like a lot considering you’re literally watching concrete cure, but hey, who am I to judge? Check it out if you’re interested!