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The Great WIIM 2017 Off-season Contest

NHL General Managers Media Opp Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Hey you, yeah you. The one with the 2014 Red Wings Winter Classic replica jersey who just finished a four post, ALL CAPS rant on Twitter about how Ken Holland hands out too many long term contracts to overrated, bottom six forwards…have I got a deal for you.

We have learned that new owner Chris Ilitch is looking for a potential successor to Ken Holland who is in the final year of his contract as Red Wings General Manager. Due to the reputation of the Winging It In Motown community, the Red Wings owners have asked us to help them identify this potential successor through an off-season development contest.

Ok, so the Red Wings did not really reach out to us to help identify Ken Holland’s successor. We are having a contest for all WIIM community members to build their perfect 2017 Detroit Red Wings Off-season.

Here are the rules.

-Using the template below (or an embed using the Armchair GM tool on CapFriendly), put together your best/perfect/ideal off-season and put it up in the FanPost section with “(YOUR SCREEN NAME)’s Official 2017 WIIM Off-season Contest” as the post title.

-Do not be afraid to add as much explanation about your decisions as possible using whatever data you would like to use.

-We do not know what that cap ceiling will be for the 2017-18 season yet but the rumors are it could rise to ~$75M so we are going to set it at $75M.

-Do your best to adhere to the existing NHL rules regarding contracts, cap numbers, etc. For example, you have to account for Johan Franzen’s cap hit (the rules allow for a team to exceed the cap ceiling by up to 10% during the off-season) in your off-season plan. Some basic things to keep in mind:

-Teams cannot have more than 50 players signed to contracts

-The NHL roster size limit is 23

-The cap floor is generally set somewhere around $16M-$18M below the ceiling. For the contest we will set the floor at $58M.

-If you choose to sign another teams restricted free agent make sure the Red Wings have the required compensation.

- Even if you use the template below, I Recommend using the CapFriendly Armchair GM tool to build your off-season before transferring the information to the template.

-Since it is a contest we are only allowing one official submission per person.

-The contest will officially end at the beginning of training camp with the results released as soon as possible.

-The prize for winning is bragging rights. Those can be exchanged for kudos at participating locations.

-Most importantly, have fun and good luck.

Expansion Draft

Protected List

Taken By Vegas

Entry Draft

Restricted Free Agents (Contract in parentheses)


Offer Sheet

Unrestricted Free Agents (Contract in parentheses)


Final Salary Cap –


L1 -

L2 -

L3 -

L4 -

Extra Forward(s) -



P2 -

P3 -

Extra Defenseman(men) -


G1 -

G2 –