Eastern Conference Play-off Games Open Thread

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Hey everyone,

The first round has been entertaining so far...the Rangers finally put away the stinkin' Habs so we get to watch Brendan Smith play more of the type of game so many on WiiM wanted to see him play in Detroit. It's been amazing watching Mats Zucarello 5 ft 8 inches and 170 pounds he is the perfect example going into the draft that size isn't the end all be all it is claimed to be.

(insert obligatory TWSS comment here)

Auston Matthew's and the rest of Babcock's Boys have been playing Washington tougher than I expected, it's been a fun series and has gotten pretty chippy the last couple of games. Hopefully Ovi and the rest of the Caps learn to take things more seriously as they (hopefully) move on to take on the flightless birds.

Ottawa and the Bruins is this afternoon and should be fun to watch...would love to see that little rat bastard Marchand get his golf clubs out and start swinging them (on the golf course naturally....NOT on the ice...that's what he uses his hockey stick for).

It's been a good series so far and Karlsson has shown why he is such a well respected defenseman....and clearly showing why so many Wings fans would love to have him on our team one day. If that day ever happened AlexisL, WA WINGS FAN, and Rawr Pawr's dreams would surely be fullfilled.

There was a fourth series too....let's see...what was it? oh yeah. The Pen's put away the Blue Jackets. Oh well, three out of four ain't bad for the first round. much fun as it has been to watch the Montreal Cary Prices go down in the first round, and see the Bruin's on the brink of elimination they seem like hollow victories without other Wings fan's to share the fun with.

The WiiM staff and guest contributors have been doing a fantastic job of giving us plenty of material to read and absorb about the X-draft, entry draft and possible roster improvements...along with guides on how to hate teams and who to bandwagon fan for....and eventually the awarding of the Golden Octopus to some lucky fan... but somehow without being able to cheer and commiserate with other friends here the comaraderie been something lacking.

So I propose we use this thread starting today with the Ottawa-Boston game as an ongoing open game thread for the rest of the first round and into the second round for the Eastern Conference games...that way we have a spot to kubitz during games or drop game related comments after the games are over and done with so we aren't putting bandwagon fan comments in other unrelated articles.

I'll plan to leave this open through the second round if it doesn't get overloaded then start another for conference finals if people seem interested.

I have lawn to mow and steaks to fry before puck drop at 3pm today but I plan to get another fanpost together shortly for the Western Conference as well.

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