Western Conference Play-off Games Open Thread

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Okay- to be perfectly honest I haven't been watching as much of the Western Conference so far as I have been with the East. First reason of course is the time zone thing....I'm not staying up well past midnight to watch two teams that are neither named Detroit Red Wings....and second, to me there have been more teams to root against in the east and that has been fulfilling on it's own.

First and foremost the obvious games in the West to watch early on were the Preds obliterating the Hawks. At both arena's they were in a reasonable time zone to watch, and seeing PK Subban and the Predators continue to frustrate the Hawks in general and Patrick "dipshit " Kane in particular has been like food for my soul.

Rinne with two assists has been stellar, shutting out the Hawks 2 and 2/3 games. To see the hawks average .75 goals per game has been fun to watch. On a side note...Gatorade may want to switch out that commercial showing Kane shooting a game winning goal and find one with Forsberg...just saying.

oh and this HAHAHAHAH Fuck the Hawks!

The other series I've been watching has been St Louis and Minny. I thought the Wild would put in a better performance than they did....the thing I probably enjoyed the most has been watching Mike Yeo behind the Blues bench out-coach Beaudreau.

Not only was Jake Allen in the zone this series, the Blues were also lucky that the Schwartz was with them.

Further out west where the time is all out-of-kilter I hear the Oilers have a kid named McDavid that is supposed to be good at hockey. Apparently they have been able to capitalize on that in the first round and sent the Sharks back to the ocean in six games.

1, 2, 3....there must be a fourth series being played out that way in the first round but for the life of me I honestly couldn't tell you which teams are in it...let me do a quick Google search....

Well I'll be damned...the Ducks were playing the Flames. You'd think the ability to watch the ducks get eliminated in the first round once again would be worth staying up to watc....what? Are you serious?

According to the Anaheim blog the Damn Ducks not only won the series, they swept it. Something not even their fans saw coming...from the Anaheim Calling site there is this gem:

Almost no one predicted that this series would end in a sweep. However, on Day 8 of the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Anaheim has become the first team in the NHL to advance to the second round after completing a sweep of the Calgary Flames.

well...looks like the west has wrapped up the first round, but let's use this as a open game thread for the second round series in the Western Conference then.

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