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Lorito and the Damage Done: Wings 2 - Habs 3 (OT)

Matt Lorito scores his first NHL point and is nearly impaled. The Wings drop an OT decision to Montreal.

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Detroit Red Wings Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports


Well, it’s here. The final weekend at The Joe.

Before we get into the Red Wings fun, I would be remiss if I didn’t give a huge shoutout to the US Women’s team, who beat Canada last night in OT to win the gold medal.

Who scored the GWG? You know.

Tonight the Wings welcome some of the Montreal Canadiens. Steve Ott is playing on the third line and wearing a letter, if that tells you anything.

If you haven’t see it yet, you can download a Zetterberg Emoji app and get your fill of Zetterberg emojis. Unfortunately there is no “face when Helene asks you a question” one, but there are some great ones. I plan to use them to rate aspects of tomorrow’s game.

Without further ado, here is the second to last game at the historic Joe Louis Arena. I’m ready, are you?

She’s ready:

First Period

Nick Lidstrom participated in the puck drop, and I teared up a little. Of course there is a ton of dust in the room, so that must have been it.

The first five minutes see no great chances, but no major mistakes by the Red Wings, so it’s a good start.

At some point this weekend, the team is planning on throwing Al the Octopus onto the ice.

Mrazek makes two strong saves early. If you are playing a drinking game tonight that tracks how many times Mickey Redmond says “Grit” tonight, you are likely throwing up already.

Steve Ott makes a nice play to get the puck to Galchenyuk, but Mrazek somehow keeps it out. Galchenyuk crashes into Mrazek, but nothing comes of it.

Also, what a save by Petr!

The Red Wings defense is doing their best to make sure Mrazek sees a lot of high danger shots early. It’s a bold strategy, Cotton, let’s see how it pays off.

Nielsen has a nice chance in the slot on his backhand, but he can’t score.

Shortly after, Mike Green missed on a great chance.


Frans Nielsen skates into the slot and roofs a backhand past Charlie Lindgren for the first goal of the game. 1-0 Red Wings!

From that point, the Wings start to take charge of the game. Helm nearly makes it 2-0, but Lindgren keeps it out.

Mrazek makes a nice save on Shaw near the end of the first period to keep the score 1-0, and that’s how we end.

How is the game going so far?

Second Period

The Riley Sheahan tragic number is at five periods and counting.

Jeff Petry has come a long way since I used to see him tripping over an ottoman on Nick at Nite growing up. I might have him confused with someone else.

The first penalty of the game comes 3:30 into the second as Danny Dekeyser trips Lehkonen. Hard to argue with the call because he, like, you know, tripped him.

Nathan Beaulieu makes it 1-1 on the power play when his shot from the point blew past Mrazek. Hard to blame the Detroit goalie for the goal, since he made a few good saves a few seconds prior.

Mrazek makes another nice save just before the first commercial timeout.

They really shouldn’t be letting Montreal get this many good chances, but I’m not a coach, so maybe I’m wrong.

Halfway through the period, it’s still 1-1. The Wings haven’t looked as good as they did in the first.


Dylan Larkin makes it 2-1 off a beauty of a feed from Muskrat Mojito! Pat Morita gets his first NHL point in his first NHL game.

Lehkonen ties it at 2-2 with 1:30 left off a rebound. Dekeyser couldn’t tie up Lehkonen’s stick.

Holy shit! Cat Burrito’s first game was almost his last. He was going in for a hit on Flynn, and he took Flynn’s stick just under his throat.

Luckily it looked worse than it was, and we enter the second intermission 2-2.

With four periods left in the season, the Wings decide to get a ringer to play wearing Riley Sheahan’s jersey:

Third Period

My was having issues, and I missed the first six minutes of the period. It’s still 2-2, and if something interesting happened, I’m sorry.

With 13 minutes left, Nyquist and Tatar combined for a scoring chance that was kept out in such a way that you would have sworn that Sheahan shot it.

Nothing much happens for the next while. Reportedly, there are 9 octopi that have made their way onto the ice. 9 x 8 legs = 72 = Athanasiou, so at least the youngster is represented here tonight.

Sheahan had the puck bounce over his stick, and now he can’t even accept passes.

Oh Jesus! Riley had back-to-back great chances, but shot wide.

I know we joke, and I more than most, but man, I really want Riley to score.

Mickey says the crowd is smelling overtime. Since it’s 2-2 with a minute left, that’s not surprising.

Sheahan nearly scores with 10 seconds left. I’m not joking.

We got to Overtime because why not?


Zetterberg gives up the puck in his own zone, which is obviously surprising. Mrazek bails him out.

Larkin is stoned at the other end.

Shaw runs into Mrazek after the goalie stones him, but no call.

Well, shit.

Mike Green slipped up in the corner, allowing Montreal to take the puck. A quick pass to Galchenyuk, and the puck is in the net. Mrazek didn’t have much of a chance.

I’ll leave you with an artist’s rendition of Mike Green falling on that OT play.