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Elliotte Friedman speculates Red Wings trading up in 2017 NHL Draft to get Miro Heiskanen

2012 NHL Entry Draft - Rounds 2-7

In a seemingly constant effort to rebuild a bleeding defensive core, the Red Wings will look to draft another highly-skilled player in this year’s draft to add to the already promising crop of young talent they have. What may happen could be somewhat of a changeup while fans have been expecting a fastball — Elliotte Friedman reports that the it wouldn’t surprise anyone if the Red Wings traded up to get a player like Miro Heiskanen:

13. Several NHL scouts came back from the Under-18s incredibly impressed with Finland’s Miro Hesikanen. A lot of the jockeying begins with the third pick, and he is one of the candidates. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if a team like Detroit or Tampa Bay, searching for blueline depth, tried to move up to take him.

Friedman continues.

You all know my opinion here — trading up is expensive, and a massive gamble. I still think Ken Holland has no business making big gambles right now, but the thought of what it would cost brings up a lot of speculation. We have no reports of asking price, but it’s safe to say that you’re looking at moving 9th overall plus NHL talent to start, then it adds up from there.

Heiskanen is a fine prospect with some good upside, but I don’t think we’re talking about a clear-cut Aaron Ekblad level type of guy here. I’m not sure Heiskanen steps into the NHL in October and plays an impact role, but that’s just my gut.

Perhaps it’s a poor comparison, but just look at the NFL Draft. The Chicago Bears traded up one spot in the Draft to gamble on a quarterback that everyone hasn’t seen much of. The Bears moved four picks, one including 3rd overall in that same draft. Draft picks are gold in the NFL. So, if we go by that measure, the Wings would be mortgaging a big chunk of their future to move up and take a guy who made strides in an international tournament.

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But hey, sometimes when you put all your chips on black, you win. But if you want my opinion (most of you don’t, I’ll bet), this seems like one of those moves Ken Holland really can’t afford to make right now. ESPECIALLY if it’s going to cost prospects.

Also worth noting that Friedman notes the Wings could be in play for defenseman Calvin de Haan. I’d be willing to entertain the idea of it, but with defensemen being at such a premium, I’d imagine the asking price is high.