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WIIM Radio Mailbag: The Griffins Expansion Edition

Fed Ex To Announce Quarterly Earnings Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

We’re going to be recording a new episode of WIIM Radio tonight with the plan to have it available to you on Friday morning. As is customary in preparation, we’ll open up the mailbag for reader questions. First off, here’s a rundown of topics:

The Wings’ Direction - We’ve still got a bit of time before the draft, so no real extravaganza here, but we’ll be talking general strategy, as well as any other general changes in the plan for free agency and the expansion draft.

The Wings’ Future - The Griffins are currently up 2-1 in the Western Conference Final and look to be on a roll. Recently head coach Todd Nelson spoke about his plan for winning games versus the concept of playing more of the prospects which have come up as black aces since the end of their juniors seasons. The future looks to be in good hands out west of Detroit right now.

Around the NHL - The Preds are in and by the time we finish recording, there’s a good chance we’ll know if it’s the Sens or Pens facing them. We’ll talk playoffs and other news, including the recent issue with Ryan Getzlaf.

Positivity Corner - Everybody’s favorite distraction from the crushing reality of a hard existence; let’s take a load off and say nice things.

Reader Questions - Your favorite part and mine. You ask questions in the comments below and if we haven’t already answered them in the first part of the show, we’ll get to them to make sure they get answered.

Go ahead and get your questions in. We’ll record later tonight, so anything up to about 10pm should get a response. Thanks and LGRW!