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Quick Hits: The Dylan Larkin Growing Pains Edition

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NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Carolina Hurricanes James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Dylan Larkin's summer of self-improvement

Dylan Larkin struggled this year after a strong rookie season. This article looks at how he plans to bounce back, which I feel is very likely.

"I think the league definitely adjusted to my game and defenders really respected the speed that I had," Larkin said. "I felt a lot that I was just skating into the defensemen who had already backed up and then they would just seal me off and then I couldn't make a play. I just said that I'm going to have to adapt to how they adapted to me.

"It was a hard learning curve but once I figured out what I needed to do, I figured out that in a league like the NHL, you can never stop evolving and you can never stop improving on your game."

Around the NHL

Report: Flat NHL salary cap expected for 2017-18 - Article - TSN

After rumors the past few months that the salary cap was not going to go up very much, Larry Brooks reports that it will not go up at all.

The article also has this tidbit:

One of the main sources of frustration for the PA was the removal of Olympics participation from the CBA in negotiations during the last lockout. Brooks reports that another World Cup of Hockey - currently the only best-on-best international tournament in which NHL compete - is no certainty either because players have yet to receive any revenue from last fall's edition of the tournament. The PA is entitled to half of the tournament's net proceeds, meaning that any payout will be modest.