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Quick Hits: The Odds & Ends Edition

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The Hippodrome Casino Opens After Extensive Renovation Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings' odds of winning the 2018 Stanley Cup? Not good |
The only important Red Wings news you need - their end-of-season Stanley Cup odds for next year. As always, oddsmaking at such an early point is designed to work as much on expectations of bets received as it is supposed to work on expectations of actual success, so the Wings having the same odds right now as the Coyotes is based on slightly more than how bad both teams are... but not much.

Around the League

Letter to a younger me about catfish and hockey in Nashville -
Ok I promise that this will probably be the last piece about Nashville’s surprising run as a really fun hockey town that added their own flavor to the culture, but it’s good. Feel free to use the comments to point out that either forgiven or glossed over in all the feel good stories is that Nashville fans got away with some pretty trashy behavior through all this (like chucking stuff on the ice after Hagelin’s empty netter or Luke Bryan shouting a gendered insult to his game 6 crowd). Or, use the comments to discuss how pretty much every fanbase is a mix of good and trash. Nothing beautiful lasts.