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Quick Hits: The Vladdy Saddy Edition

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New Jersey Devils v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

From celebration to devastation: Red Wings recall accident that changed Vladimir Konstantinov's life |
Tuesday was the 20th anniversary of the accident that ended Vladimir Konstantinov’s career, cutting short what was set to be a dominant stretch for the league’s meanest Russian at the time. It’s still both heartbreaking to think of the tragedy and heartwarming to remember how the team rallied around their fallen comrade and continue to support him to this day.

Around the League

Rangers’ Kevin Klein leaning toward retirement | New York Post
I will always remember Kevin Klein as the guy that Pavel Datsyuk once robbed behind the Nashville net for one of the definitive goals of the Magic Man’s career, but it looks like his lost step is going to keep him from being able to compete at the NHL level anymore and he’s going to retire out to Europe where he can still contribute.