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Griffins win Calder Cup, celebrate with $400 worth of McDonald’s

A bunch of hockey dorks celebrate winning a championship with chicken nuggets because of course.

McDonald's To Alter Dollar Menu With Higher Priced Items Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Most of you know that the Grand Rapids Griffins clinched their second Calder Cup Title in five years Tuesday night, and if you didn’t, then surprise! Anyway, the Griffins electrified an entire city with their 4-3 win over the Syracuse Crunch to a level I have never seen before. Van Andel Arena’s roof seemed like it was about to come off when the clock started to count down the final seconds in the third period. Once the clock struck zero, the party was on.

My bro

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So, how does a group of hockey players in their mid-20’s celebrate winning their league? Beer, of course. Lots of it. If you follow the players on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the beer showers they were giving each other in the locker room. But a night of strenuous activity and heavy drinking calls for some greasy food. Our writer Lauren (redwinger43) works with someone who happened to be an Uber driver that got lucky enough to take these tipsy nerds to get some postgame snacks:

(They even left a few bags in her car).

What a bunch of dorks.

So, hey.. That’s one way to celebrate. Who hasn’t gone to McDonald’s drunk and ordered a few hundred dollars in chicken nuggets and double cheeseburgers?