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Quick Hits: The Clearly Cleary Edition

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St.Louis Blues v Detroit Red Wings

In Red Wings Land

Ex-Wing Cleary caps playing career with Calder Cup | Detroit News
The saga of Dan Cleary has taken many twists and turns throughout his Red Wings career, but now it comes to a close in the best way possible, with Cleary lifting the cup with a team he helped mentor along all season. Now officially retired, we'll have to wait to see what the next chapter in his influence on the team will be. Based on the idea that he's helped Tyler Bertuzzi along, it would be fitting to see him continue to work with youngsters in that capacity.

Around the League

Rangers to Buy Out Defenseman Dan Girardi |
Apparently you're allowed to buy out big overpaid slow defensemen who aren't good enough for the salary they make and kind of drag the rest of the defense down with them. Get all your jokes about Ken Holland signing him in free agency in now because if it happens I'll give you a high five on my way to the nearest bridge.