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Quick Hits: The Trades-a-Drouin Edition

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Columbus Blue Jackets v Tampa Bay Lightning Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings to Add Nameplate to Adidas Jerseys? – DetroitHockey.Net
The new Adidas jersey teases are out and Clark noticed something that the diggers glossed over: are the Wings going to add a sewn-on nameplate to their jerseys? Personally it's not a big deal, but I reserve the right to not like it. Not the worst thing in the world or anything.

Around the League

Yzerman makes blockbuster trade and we all need to breathe for a second - Raw Charge
A reasoned take from a Bolts fan on yesterday's big Drouin trade. There's perhaps a little sour grapes, but nothing that doesn't make a ton of sense. There's a lot of nuance involved in such a deal, but it allows Yzerman to protect both Killorn and Namestnikov and gives Tampa a little bit more cap flexibility, even if they did give up the better player in this deal.