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Report: Wings Not Expected to be Active Prior to Roster Freeze

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Winnipeg Jets v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Today is the day expansion lists are due to the NHL from all 30 NHL teams. With those lists coming due at 5pm, the official roster freeze takes place at 3pm ET. The next few hours are the last chance teams have to make a deal with a team other than Vegas before the Expansion Draft takes place. While the team has remained tight-lipped, the analysis around the Red Wings in regards to dealing with other teams to work out protection lists is that they may either look to move a goalie to protect the assets of both Jimmy Howard and Petr Mrazek, or they might look to rescue a team with protection problems who want to get something for a good D-man they can’t keep out of Vegas’ hands.

Unfortunately, actual rumors of Detroit doing these things have been thin, and today Darren Dreger made them even thinner:

In terms of accuracy, Dreger is decently plugged into the NHL, but something that’s true at 9:30 in the morning might not still be true at 2pm, so there’s still a chance, but I don’t think anybody in Red Wings fandom will claim surprise if the deadline comes and goes and all we’re looking at out of Detroit is a pile of kicked tires.

We’ll make updates as they come, but I’m preparing for a ho-hum day.