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WIIM Radio Mailbag: Expanding Universe Edition

With protection rosters released, it’s finally time to dedicate an episode to the Expansion Draft.

U.S. Post Offices Contend With Busiest Day Of Holiday Season Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

As promised, we’ll be recording tonight to cover the Expansion Draft and all the implications of all the information currently surrounding the Vegas Golden Knights. Are you ready for the fun part? Cuz this is the fun part...

We’ll have JJ, Peter, Jeff, and me waxing intellectual about all the things your parents never taught you about expansion drafts.

But First, The Champs Are Crowned

First things first - the Grand Rapids Griffins are Calder Cup Champs! We cannot pass by without paying homage to the new rulers of the AHL.

Expansion Draft

There’s so much to cover! We’ll do our best to hit on everything...

The Detroit List - Where do we go from here? Where do players go from here, knowing where they stand in the organization? And most importantly: which player goes to Vegas?

League Lists - How did Peter and I fare judging what other teams would do? What was business-as-usual, and who were we surprised to see on and off lists? How bad are our mock-drafts looking now that all the info is out to make selections?

Rumors and Movement - If you put your ear to the ground, you can hear the distant rumblings of 29 other GMs collectively crapping their pants about losing something for nothing. We’ll help you decipher those rumblings into coherent messages about who’s paying, who’s backing off, and who might try to make a back-alley transaction with Vegas as the middle-man.

Positivity Corner

Don’t be sad about the Red Wings losing a player - be happy that we will open up a roster spot! We’ll all do our best to put a positive spin on things for a few moments.

Reader Questions

Peter and I have given you all over 5 months of material to work with. Go nuts. As usual, we’ll be recording in the evening. Get your questions in by 9pm EDT for guaranteed air-time, 10pm EDT if you like to live on the edge, or tomorrow morning if you want to troll us and risk the wrath of 100 duck-sized Golden Knights (or 1 Golden-Knight-sized duck, your choice).