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Quick Hits: Red Wings Trying to Acquire Another 1st Round Pick?

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2017 NHL Draft Prospects Media Availability Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Jeff Marek’s 2017 NHL Mock Draft | Sportsnet

We know the general mock draft story by now: Nico or Nolan? After the top two picks, most mocks are all over the place. The Wings could go many different directions at #9... but what if they added another first round pick?

Get ready for some potentially off-the-wall selections.

One team source told me it wouldn’t surprising to see teams in the top 10 call timeouts before making their picks. Expect selections go sideways and they’ll need extra time to rethink plans.

Then there are the wild-card scenarios.

Does Minnesota try to get in the first round?

We keep hearing Detroit may be looking to add another first-round selection, perhaps to take a goalie.


That’s a bit of a bombshell to drop the week of the draft. I haven’t read many rumblings about the Red Wings trying to add another first round pick. I’m sure Ken Holland is kicking the tires, but this is the first I recall hearing of it from a hockey writer/analyst I trust.

What would it take to get another first rounder? You’d probably have to unload Gus Nyquist or Tomas Tatar to a contender. Even then... is that enough? And is that even worth it to take a shot at a goaltender so early in the draft? Maybe Holland’s plan all along was to dump Petr Mrazek on the Vegas Golden Knights for free and start fresh in this year’s draft.

Around the League

Statistically Speaking: Lots of decisions for Vegas | TSN

Expansion mock drafts are all over the internet after the league released the protected lists for each team Sunday morning. Most have Mrazek headed to Vegas as the pick from the Wings. Scott Cullen provides a few other names that may have caught George McPhee’s eye.

Let’s Go Red Wings.