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Red Wings New Adidas Jersey Revealed

Ottawa Senators v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

New Adidas home jerseys for all 31 NHL teams were leaked out tonight and to no one’s surprise the Red Wings jersey looks pretty much the same as it’s looked for the last 80 or so years.

Detroit kept their classic red and white look. No added bells or whistles. We still don’t know what the back looks like. The teaser from earlier this week seemed to indicate the names on the back would not be individually stitched letters, but instead a name plate. We’ll see. It still looked like they had the classic vertically arched names though.

This is also our first look at the Vegas Golden Knights jerseys. Not too bad. I think they need to wear golden helmets like Notre Dame does. The Oilers are orange full time now and switched to a darker blue. Minnesota has added a cream white colored stripe across the middle of their jersey like Montreal and Florida. The Devils dropped their stripes around the waist area and the Predators and Sabres appear to have dropped the piping from the front of their jerseys. Colorado brought back their “mountain range” at the bottom that they had during the pre-Reebok days.

The official reveal is scheduled for 10p ET tonight out in Las Vegas. Adidas is supposed to just show off everyone’s home sweaters. The teams will reveal the road jerseys on their own. We’ll update the post with better pictures once they’re released.


Here’s a closer look at the Red Wings jersey. It looks like no name plates. The jerseys will have the same individually stitched letters as previous jerseys.

Here’s your road jersey.

Here’s a look at the new Golden Knights jerseys. Not too shabby. I dig the road jerseys. The white and gold gloves will be something you either love or hate. I’m a fan.