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Catching Up With Christoffer Ehn

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Christoffer Ehn
Patrik Bexell/Eyes On The Prize

Center Christoffer Ehn is coming off another successful season with Frolunda in the Swedish Hockey League. No only did he have a personal best from a production standpoint, but his Frolunda team also won their second Champions Hockey League title in two years and he signed his three year entry level contract with the Red Wings.

My amazing friend and European hockey guru Patrik Bexell caught up with Ehn recently and talked with him about his new contract, his future with Frolunda and the Red Wings, joining the Griffins for their Calder Cup Championship, and so much more.

Ehn is expected to be at the Red Wings Development camp July 7-11 and I look forward to getting to talk with him again. If you have any questions you’d like me to ask Ehn next week in Traverse City, please drop them in the comments.

A huge thank you to Patrik for taking the time to speak with Ehn and give us another great glimpse into the journey of a Red Wings prospect over in Europe. Thank you Patrik, you rock!

Here’s the full interview, enjoy!