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Quick Hits: The TinFoileonsis Edition

AWXII - Day 4 Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images for AWXII

In Red Wings Land

What Grand Rapids Griffins need to do to win the Calder Cup Trophy | MLive
Pete Wallner had a good writeup yesterday prior to game 1 about the keys for the Griffins to win a tough series against a team that's every bit as good as if not better than the San Jose Barracuda who the Griffins took out in five games. So far so good on the plan, I guess, but there were long stretches of play where the Crunch kept Grand Rapids pinned in. I think this has the potential to be a really tight series.

Around the League

The Time Ted Leonsis Invited Me Over To Show How The NHL Is In The Tank For The Penguins |Deadspin
Ted Leonsis going one step shy of putting up newspaper clippings pinned together with red yarn is kind of a hilarious picture of owner-as-fan for a guy who is supposed to have a line directly a commissioner who presumably works for him.