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Quick Hits: The MisKeyed Assumptions Edition

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A general view of the Space Needle

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings to debate expansion protection list at scouting meetings |
Ken Holland says he has his idea of what the protected list is going to look like, but with the pre-draft combine/interviews done, he’ll go into the team scouting meetings and listen to the staff on their ideas. While Holland didn’t say they’re going with the 7-3-1 plan, it’s super-obvious that it’s the right path for the team; he says he can probably be swayed on one defender and one forward while Khan takes guesses as to what that means.

Around the League

Arena giant AEG pulls out of Seattle arena process -
One of two groups that submitted plans for a possible renovation of Key Arena withdrew from the process Sunday because of concerns about how the city of Seattle has conducted review of the proposals. It’s hard to say what exactly the concern is because AEG was pretty vague, but you can probably assume that AEG’s concerns are over how little they’d be able to profit off a winning bid because it’s not like they’re unbiased in their position here.