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Quick Hits: The 20 Years (and 1 day) Edition

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DETROIT - JUNE 17: Scotty Bowman, Head Coach of the Detroit Red Wings holds up the Stanley Cup on Je
Yes, I know it’s not the right year, but it’s what Getty images had.
Photo by Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images/NHLI

In Detroit Land

Detroit Red Wings share memories of ending Stanley Cup drought 20 years ago |

The headline says it all. Although technically, this is from yesterday by the time it posts, but it’s still pretty cool.

Some great quotes and great photos. Enjoy, and please share your memories in the comments!

As the final seconds elapsed, Vladimir Konstantinov fell on the puck behind the Detroit net, Nicklas Lidstrom raised his stick in the air, Steve Yzerman leaped into Mike Vernon's arms. Players poured off the bench, coaches embraced and confetti rained down from the rafters, triggering a celebration unlike any the arena had ever witnessed.

Around the NHL

Three Caps and a Hab top TSN’s Free Agent Frenzy list - Article - TSN

Even though I’m hoping the Red Wings don’t try to make a splash in free agency, it’s always interesting seeing who is available. Kevin Shattenkirk is probably the biggest name, but don’t forget about his teammate.

Oshie, 30, won’t be far behind Shattenkirk. The Olympic hero winger scored a career-high 33 goals in just 68 regular-season games. Only four players league-wide – Sidney Crosby, Nikita Kucherov and Evgeni Malkin – produced at a higher goals-per-game clip than Oshie (0.49), who tied with Auston Matthews, Patrik Laine and Brad Marchand. He followed that up with 12 points in 13 playoff games for Washington.