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Quick Hits: The Cap Era Rankings Edition

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Montreal Canadiens Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings prospect Tyler Bertuzzi the definition of playoff performer

I feel like I’ve read Helene write about Tyler Bertuzzi a lot the last month or so, but there’s not too much Red Wings news to choose from here.

“It’s a new type of game in the playoffs and I think I need to elevate mine to match the intensity,” Bertuzzi told the Free Press during a recent interview. “I just play simple - shoot everything, get pucks on net. Just work hard and play hard and some bounces will come your way."

Around the NHL

Down Goes Brown: 10 best NHL teams of the salary-cap era -
Since there isn’t much Red Wings news, I chose this article because it features at least one Detroit team. How many? You’ll have to read it and find out.

No post-2005 teams made the NHL’s top 10, which makes sense — the cap ushered in an era of unprecedented parity, and the age of the truly-dominant team is probably over forever. That makes our job a little tougher today, but we’ll persevere, and rank our teams based on three categories.