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Quick Hits: The Playoff Defensemen Edition

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NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Ottawa Senators at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings hoping to sign Trevor Daley when free agency opens |

It’s beginning to look like the only question about Trevor Daley and the Red Wings will be how much he is paid and (likely more importantly), for how long.

Ansar Khan has an interesting tidbit in his latest column.

The Red Wings had productive talks with Daley and his agent this week and identified him as their main target, a source said. He is likely to get a multi-year deal, perhaps two years.

I’d be fine with two years, although one would be the preference.

Of course, last night after I wrote this, reports came out that the term will likely be more than two years. I think the new best we can hope for is three years, although four is definitely possible.

I’m going to be positive and be thankful that it looks like we’ll avoid Dan Girardi.

Around the League

The modern day defenceman’s role as a neutral zone play driver -

Anything by Dimitri Filipovic is always going to be worth reading, but he really outdid himself this time.

He tracked zone entries and exits for every defenseman playing more than 4 games in the playoffs (sorry, Chicago!). What he found was very interesting.

You should go read the whole thing, but here’s one nugget that hopefully shouldn’t be too surprising.

Even though more people have been slowly experiencing their come to Jesus moment about how ridiculously good Hampus Lindholm really is, when you look at how Norris Trophy votes are being doled out it’s clear that perception still hasn’t caught up to reality.

It’ll be tough for him to get the type of national love he deserves registering only modest point totals in Anaheim, but he’s turned the act of using angles to beat forwards to the spot they’re trying to get to into a science. In fact, no one was a stingier defender of their own blue line than Lindholm during the 2017 post-season