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Quick Hits: Todd Nelson’s Kick Ass Philosophy

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Edmonton Oilers v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Sunday Q and A: Todd Nelson and his “jam it down their throat” coaching philosophy | The Athletic (paywall)

This interview was free to read yesterday. Hopefully it still is today too because I absolutely loved Todd Nelson’s answer to the very first question.

Craig Custance: I heard your aggressive philosophy was one of the things that impressed the Coyotes most during your interview. How would you describe your philosophy as a coach?

Todd Nelson: “I think in this day and age, if you wait for something bad to happen it’s going to happen. Why not try to dictate play? That goes along with my system work, that goes along with my philosophy. I hate the term, ‘Let’s weather the storm.’ I hate that because you’re in a defensive mode versus ‘We fight fire with fire' and we’re going to jam it down their throat. Over the course of a game or series you have to adjust tactics; I get that. Those are the adjustments you have to make. I want to force them to beat us. If I get beat, I don’t want to do it in a defensive mode. I want to go after them. If they beat us, I tip my hat to them.”

What a great philosophy. Take it to the opponent. Play a style where you’re trying to win instead of trying not to lose. Love it. I’m not a member of the Fire Jeff Blashill Club, but if for some reason the team stumbled so badly out of the gate and there happened to be a coaching change.... I wouldn’t mind if Nelson got the gig.

Around the League

Top 17 unsigned RFAs: Tricky contracts galore | Sportsnet

Detroit’s own Tomas Tatar is among the top RFAs that remain unsigned (it’s a pretty good list of players too).

What the future holds: Mon-ay. With Henrik Zetterberg on the sad side of 35, the Wings need to pay men in their 20s to put the puck in the net. Gustav Nyquist makes $4.75 million a year. Tatar is younger and better. He can play either wing and has quietly had a 20-goal campaign for a bad Red Wings club.

There’s a quote from Tatar saying he knows a trade is possible and he’s not afraid of change. This summer could get even more interesting.