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Quick Hits: Should the Red Wings Trade Tomas Tatar?

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Detroit Red Wings v San Jose Sharks Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

NHL Free Agency 2017: Sharks should monitor Tomas Tatar situation | Fear the Fin - SBNation

All reports indicate that Tomas Tatar and the Red Wings are not close in contract negotiations and there is still a ton of time for this process to unfold, but let’s speculate for a moment... should Detroit move Tatar? If there is no long term deal and both sides are forced into a one year agreement through arbitration, the Red Wings absolutely need to move the winger. They need to get some assets in return and cannot let him walk for nothing.

Our neighbors over at Fear the Fin think that the Sharks should try to capitalize on the situation if things go south. Tatar could be a decent replacement for Patrick Marleau and would probably play well alongside Joe Thornton.

Tomas Tatar is a good player, and one that would immediately improve the Sharks’ forward corps. As a winger, he likely won’t be as expensive, in salary or in a trade, as a center like Matt Duchene. He may not immediately vault San Jose into Stanley Cup contention, but the 26-year-old is young enough to fit alongside the team’s emerging prospects, and seasoned enough to help lead them into the post-Thornton era.

I don’t want to trade Tatar and I don’t think the Red Wings do either. Ken Holland is playing hardball because he probably has to do so. Losing Tatar because of gross cap mismanagement would be awful, but what would be a reasonable return in your mind for Tatar if he’s on a one year deal before hitting free agency?

Around the League

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